Spelling test on Mondays

Forest school every other Wednesday

Theme this term is Darwin’s Delights

Our class read is Race to the Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

Mrs Brown is our lovely teacher.


Year 6 – A Big Year for our Oldest Pupils

Year 6 is a special year in every child’s life, it may well end up being the one you remember most when looking back at your time in Primary school.

You are 10 going on 11, you are the class that shines for everyone else to look up to. You model the school’s values and ethos for the rest to follow, sounds daunting doesn’t it!  It really isn’t because…

It is a magical time to share with your friends all that you have become and all that you dream to achieve as you prepare to move on to the next step in your life. You have travelled far and have become an independent, resilient and courageous learner.

Life in Year 6 is a busy one, perhaps you are Chair, Vice-Chair or Scribe of the School Council; a Young Worship Ambassador or perhaps a House Captain. The most important  thing is that you’ll have your friends that you’ve had all the way along the journey with you to enjoy it.   

Year 6 – a BIG year with BIG memories!

Mrs Irvine and Mrs Andrews are our teaching assistants


Weekly Timetable

Curious as to what an average Foxes week looks like?

This timetable will alter from term to term but in essence this is how we spend our week in Foxes class

Medium Term Planner

For a closer look at what is taught during a term see below.  We cover a range of subjects with resources gained from the cornerstones curriculum.

Foxes have been brushing up on their Cricket skills recently.  Practising our hand to eye coordination helps us across multiple sports.

Meet our Pupil Parliament

Left to right: 

Katy Jones – Scribe

Martha Maher – Vice Chair

Laura Hoare – Chair

Meet our Young Governors

Left to Right:

Mia Rasmussen

Eve Styles-Saunders

Laura Hoare

Katy Jones

 Welcome to Our Celebration Wall – A Place to Show Our Achievements.