PSHE – What’s it all about?

PSHE is about children discovering ways of becoming healthier, more independent, and more responsible members of society.

The subject matter helps encourage children to recognise and articulate their feelings, not only that; we want our young people to manage these feelings in a positive way, to build and maintain effective relationships with a wide range of people.

PSHE will help children feel more positive about themselves, pupils will be better prepared to understand and manage risk, and be more responsible for themselves. 

More information can be found on the governments website

And more here 

RSE – What’s it all about?

RSE is compulsory in all primary schools, that is worth knowing from the start.  All primary schools are required to teach children about relationships and health.  Sex education is not compulsory in primary school (more on that in due course).

How the RSE curriculum is taught is largely down to the school themselves, it must however be age appropriate and sensitive to the needs and religious backgrounds of individuals.

It has been added to the curriculum to reflect modern times and is designed to:

  1. Allow children the best opportunity to grow up healthy and safe.
  2. Prepare all children for successful adult lives.
  3. Empower children giving them the ability to make informed decisions about their own health and relationships with others.

Staff work with some of our children during WEB sessions. These are to support children identified as needing additional wellbeing, emotional, behaviour 1:1 discussion. These are fun and engaging sessions which offer the children a safe space-built on trust and an opportunity to chat any issues concerning them, through activities and talk. Parents are informed when their child has these sessions and an update report written. 

The schools policy document for PSHE & RSE will apprise parents on the rationale behind each subject, types of assessment,  how safeguarding is implemented and the right to withdraw your child from some aspects of it.

This governments website contains more reading as do the documents below.  Should you be in need of clarification on these subjects, please do contact a member of staff for further assistance.

We’d very much appreciate your views on PSHE & RSE.  If you’d like to complete this parent consultation we can address and concerns.

Many thanks

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