Our Curriculum Intent:

A child’s early and primary years are a time where children progress and grow at a rapid rate. They view the world with awe and wonder, are abound with questions and continually looking for answers. Life should be full of fun, laughter and learning. At St Gregory’s ALL staff aim to develop this exhilarating time and give our children opportunities to flourish by offering an exciting, challenging and empowering curriculum, equipping them for today and tomorrow.

Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Make learning a positive, engaging, adventurous and active experience
  • Enable our children to thrive in a Christian environment, where every child is given opportunities to experience all life has to offer in abundance
  • Equip our children with skills to enable them to be independent, resilient problem solvers and tenacious in facing next steps
  • Encourage curiosity, filling inquiring minds with information, answers and more questions
  • Build on prior knowledge / skills, allowing for progression of learning in a cohesive manner
  • Promote respect for all, allow for individuality and cultural diversity
  • Give children the experience of being part of a valued community

Curriculum Implementation:

We use Cornerstones curriculum as a basis for our curriculum structure and within this very much understand the importance of personalising the curriculum to our children, our setting and our community. Themes are chosen appropriately and with relevance. Children are given opportunities to ENGAGE, DEVELOP, INNOVATE & EXPRESS, through their learning.

Key knowledge and skills are taught in ways that seek to enthuse and engage children in their learning.  As the children progress through the school, their experience in all aspects of the curriculum helps towards preparing them for the secondary phase of education and most importantly, for life as a good citizen.

Our school values of LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, feature highly throughout life at St Gregory’s along with manners and politeness continually being actively promoted and encouraged

Through our curriculum at St Gregory’s we strongly believe in giving our pupils personal first- hand experiences and ones which have very much become a part of our school tradition.  Please follow the link below for examples 

St-Gregory-unique-pupil-offering-DF-January-2020 (3)St-Gregory-unique-pupil-offering-DF-September 2020

Curriculum Impact:

We believe our curriculum:

  • develops children to the best of their abilities
  • helps children to find their passions and interests
  • facilitates children’s acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding
  • helps children to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and morally
  • assists children in becoming independent, responsible, useful, confident and considerate members of the community
  • promotes a positive attitude towards learning
  • helps children to acquire a solid basis for lifelong learning
  • creates and maintains an exciting and stimulating learning environment
  • ensures that each child’s education has continuity and progression
  • enables children to contribute positively within a culturally diverse society.

Parents and Our Curriculum:

We had a very successful STAY & LEARN morning. Many parents came into school and spent the morning with our classes and engaged in our daily routines. Our Daily mile, had some of them puffing and panting but enjoying none the less. Lessons were attended and learning explored.

We hope this will become a regular feature of St Gregory’s

We use Cornerstones for our Curriculum, for further details click on the logo

Please open the following links to understand assessments as per the National Curriculum:

National Curriculum Assessment for Schools

Assessment Principles for Schools