The Role of the Governors:

The school governors are volunteers and give their time freely.  They bring a range of skills and experience to supporting the school and are committed to the school’s values and standards. Although the governors oversee the school, they do not run it: that is the head’s job.

As governors we have a range of roles and responsibilities.

Working with the head we set the strategic direction for the school, establishing the school’s aims and objectives and how we want the school to develop and improve to the benefit of all our children.

The governors are there to support and challenge the school’s leadership team.  It is our job to hold the head teacher to account to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children.  We do this in a constructive and positive fashion by rigorous questioning and challenge.

It is the governors’ responsibility to oversee the finances of the school, to agree the annual budget, and to ensure that money is well spent in line with the school’s priorities.

The governors have a responsibility to ensure that the school complies with all relevant legislation and regulations, especially safeguarding.

The governors appoint the headteacher and review the headteacher’s performance.

Working with the headteacher and the school’s senior leadership, the governors are there to ensure that our children are safe and have every opportunity to flourish and grow at St Gregory’s into resilient and confident learners, and that our school remains at the centre of our community into the future.

What Skills do You Need to be an Effective Governor?

It is important that each governor can use their skills in the governor’s meetings. Some of the skills that are important are as follows:

  • Listening
  • Organising
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Teamworking 
  • Governors who have life experience and transferrable work skills (such as I.T, accounting and legal) can also make an important contribution to the work of the Governing Body

But the most important thing is ENTHUSIASM!  

Interested in becoming a Governor?  Please contact our Chair:

Meet Our Governors:

Chairman of Governors: Mr Nick Chapman – appointed until Jan 2025

Chair of governors; member of Finance Committee and Quality of Learning Committee; subject link governor for English and the Humanities.

I was appointed chair of governors in 2018 having re-joined the governing body in 2016.  I was chair of governors previously when my two daughters were at the school so have had a long and affectionate involvement with St Gregory’s.

My career has been in publishing and media in London and Dublin as a Managing Director of BBC Worldwide and Member of the BBC Board of management, and as Managing Director of The Irish Times, Ireland’s leading newspaper.

Since settling in North Dorset with my family I have served as Chair of the Trustee Board of St Margaret’s Hospice Somerset and as a Non-Executive Director of Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust.  The school is now my priority and I very much enjoy working with my fellow governors, the head and her team and being in school with the children.

Vice Chairman of Governors: Mr Richard Storey Walker – appointed until Jan 2022

Vice-Chair of Governors; Chair of the Quality of Learning Committee; subject link governor for Mathematics and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND).

I joined the governing body in December 2017. I am a retired Headteacher of an independent secondary school in London and have been a team inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate. I am an examiner for A level Chemistry for one of the main exam boards. I also work with an educational consultancy helping schools across the world with strategic planning and Headteacher performance appraisal.

Foundation Governor Mr Anthony Wilkinson

I have lived in Marnhull since 1990, all three of my children have gone through St Gregory’s school and it has had a positive effect on them all. I have been a governor for 18 years and am now governor responsible for the school buildings.

I have worked locally as a vet treating both pets and farm animals in the local area, but have now retired. I value the school as part of our community; I believe in the school and what it does for our children.

Governor in charge of Safeguarding Mrs Kate Hoare

Member of Quality of Learning Committee, Partnership Steering Group; subject link governor for EYFS/Early Years.

I joined the governing body in January 2020 having been Chair of the school’s PTFA for three years and on the Board of the charity Homestart prior to that.  I moved with my family to North Dorset back in 2015 and all three of my girls have been at the school.   I use to work in PR/Marketing for hotels, restaurants and lifestyle brands.  Whilst being a governor is a new role for me I am really enjoying it, understanding the school from a different perspective, being a part of Debbie Field’s team and striving to make the school the very best we can for the children.


Chair of the Finance Committee Mr Pete Bell

In addition to having the pleasure of being a parent of two daughters currently in the school I have for the last two years served as part of the governing body.  I am honoured to support the staff team in helping the school succeed in its desire to provide every child with a supportive, caring and nurturing environment from which to learn at the highest level.  In addition to working closely with all governors I also chair the finance Committee and I am the link governor for sports. 
In my professional life I am a stockbroker and chartered wealth manager, managing investments for private clients, charities, trusts, pensions, and corporate clients.  I was president for the South Coast region of the chartered institute of securities and investments and I am a personally chartered fellow of the cisi   I have previously held positions as chairman, director, consultant and trustee to a number of UK and international charities and continue to work closely with a number of UK charities from across

Ex Officio Governor Revd Gaenor Hockey

I came to live in Marnhull in September 2019 with my husband, 2 teenage daughters, our dog and cat to begin this post!

I have been in ordained ministry for 24 years having served in a variety of settings: Yeovil, Buckinghamshire, Devonport and Plymouth.

Before I was ordained I studied theology to postgraduate level and before that trained and worked as a staff nurse in Oxford.

In ministry I have always had practical involvement with the primary and secondary schools in my area- from setting up a lunch club, an after school club and building a spiritual garden to leading school ethos and spirituality development – as well as lead and facilitate school worship and RE.

I have had the privilege of working with Church and state schools of different sizes and settings and have always enjoyed working with both children, staff and families to see Christian faith and spirituality expressed creatively and meaningfully for each new generation.

As ex officio governor I look forward to supporting the school’s development and strengthening the links here between church and school life, so that there is greater mutual support, encouragement and building up of community life.

My special responsibilities at the school are Worship and RE, PSHE, Art, Music and Drama.

Foundation Governor: Mr James Risley

As both a foundation governor and a parent of children that attend St Gregory’s I am passionate about the school’s potential, the quality of our children’s education and the strong links between the school, the church and the broader community.  Having served in the Royal Navy as a nuclear engineer on submarines for many years I now enjoy running a family business in parallel with a consultancy role for the Ministry of Defence.  As a member of the Quality Learning Committee and the subject link governor for ICT and science I aim to support our teaching staff to nurture our children’s inquisitive nature and their enjoyment of learning.  I am immensely proud to be a foundation governor at St Gregory’s and am excited about the school’s future.

Headteacher Mrs Debbie Field

As well as being the schools Headteacher I am also the safeguarding lead at St Gregory’s.

I have been a teacher for 31 years and a Headteacher since 2016


Staff Representative Mrs Kelly Barge

My primary role at the school is as teacher of Hedgehog class (R & Yr.1).  

I am also the Deputy headteacher and deputy safeguarding lead.  I have been at St Gregory’s since 2018 

Clerk to the Governors Mrs Tracey Rennard

Governing Body Structure 2020

Governing Body Structure

Register of Business Interests

Register of Business Interests