St Gregory’s Primary School celebrates its 150th Anniversary in 2024 and we are marking this historic occasion with a week of events. We are delighted that the Bishop of Salisbury, Bishop Stephen, came to St Gregory’s Church for a special service led by Revd, Gaenor, where he blessed our new banner, and then came back to school to dedicate our new Spiritual Garden. The sun shone and we all enjoyed a piece of the wonderful cake made by Rachel Bosley for the occasion.

Where Did It All Begin

St Gregory’s C of E School has been in existence since 1816!

In terms of the current site for the school, life begins through the generosity of the Marques of Westminster as she gifted the site we know today and the Rector, The Rev Robert Bruce Kennard who paid the whole cost of erecting the school. It was 1874 by the time the works were completed.

The original trust deed set out the schools purpose, an extract of which has been transcribed below.

The first headteacher was Miss McLaughton, she was succeeded by Mr John Pollard in 1879 who died at the school house.  By the time of the photo above Miss Elizabeth Johnson (later Mrs John Warren) was in charge. 

As you can see the school has not changed so very much, the windows are different.  Note the doorway into the front of the school that we no longer see now.

Can you imagine being at St Greg’s in 1910?

An Appeal

The school has nearly 200 years of stories and we only have a tiny amount of that to share with you all.

Without people like Mr Plowman and his wonderful account (below) we would be left guessing as to what school days were like in bygone eras.

Should you have any anecdotes, stories or tall tales you’d like to share with us we’d love to hear from you.   Our contact details are right here if you’d like to get in touch.

Many thanks

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A Glorious Account of Life at St Greg's

Author: Mr Keith Plowman