We all learn through our experiences; this can be an everyday occurrence in many cases and so it is with our children.  An effective curriculum is not only classroom based but is discovered and experienced within the world around us.

Research shows that learning outside the classroom is more beneficial when it is planned and integrated into the school curriculum.

Through trips off site and visitors onsite, we seek to enrichen our learning, to offer exciting stimulus that the children will remember, look back on fondly and give them valuable experiences of the diverse world we live in.


In the 1950’s Peter Gordon Lawrence was inspired by a canoeing holiday.  As he travelled down the River Danube he was inspired  by the breathtaking landscape.  He was inspired by the outdoors and wanted to share this enrichment with others and thus PGL (using his initials) was born.

Children in Years 5 and 6 had a wonderful time at the PGL Beam House site near Bideford.  Nearly 4 days of wall climbing, night-time wide-games, problem solving, zip wires, abseiling, rifle-shooting and archery, evening campfire and lots of singing kept the children entertained, busy and happy. They seemed to have a wonderful time and it was great to see them grow in confidence and, for many, be comfortable staying away from home for the first time. They all challenged themselves and each of them came away being proud of their achievements. We were very proud of them, too, and they were a super group to take away.

Many thanks to Mrs Dunn for giving up so much of her time to come with us.