We all learn through our experiences; this can be an everyday occurrence in many cases and so it is with our children.  An effective curriculum is not only classroom based but is discovered and experienced within the world around us.

Research shows that learning outside the classroom is more beneficial when it is planned and integrated into the school curriculum.

Through trips off site and visitors onsite, we seek to enrichen our learning, to offer exciting stimulus that the children will remember, look back on fondly and give them valuable experineces of the diverse world we live in. 

Some Examples of our Learning Through Experience at St Gregory’s

  1. Trip to Parliament – meet our local MP for a Question & answer session
  2. Visit Westminster Abbey
  3. “Wicked” & ‘Lion King’ in the west end;
  4. Annual pantomime trip;
  5. Trip to North Forte;
  6. PGL – Torquay & Isle of Wight
  7. Visiting We The Curious in Bristol
  8. London explore – Buckingham Palace, The Mall, Trafalgar Square, Horseguards Parade, Changing of the Guard, Downing Street
  9. Okehampton Adventure, with another setting
  10. Stonehenge
  11. Sailing 
  12. Horse – Riding for our PP children
  13. Emergency services visits
  14. Marnhull Green Teams

As we are part of a very close knit community, tradition is extremely important, at St Gregory’s we like to keep these traditions going; some of these are:

  • Year 6 perform Maypole dance at their leaver’s service and invite parent’s to share dance with them
  • School delivers Remembrance Service to community
  • aknowledging children’s skills and talents at our leavers service – these are not specifically academic talents