St Greg’s is a Voluntary Aided school and we understand worship to be a special act or occasion whose purpose is to show reverence to God. Collective worship involves members of the school coming together and participating in an assembly. We expect everyone to take an active part in collective worship.

We feel it is important to gather as a whole school community to reflect, think and pray. It is a time when we think about our school values; 


Mrs Cook-Paine is our collective worship leader and she liaises closely with Rev Gaenor and our Young Worship Ambassadors to plan and evaluate our collective worship.  We are extremely proud of our team and all that they bring to the school.


In line with our Trust Deed, which states that collective worship should be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’, we normally base our collective worship on the teachings of Christ and traditions of the Christian Church. However, we conduct our collective worship in a manner that is sensitive to the individual faith and beliefs of all members of the school.

The aims and purpose of collective worship are:

  1. To provide an opportunity to worship God;
  2. To celebrate each unique individual made in the image of God;
  3. To contribute to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the children;
  4. To enable children to explore their own beliefs;
  5. To encourage participation and response;
  6. To develop a sense of community spirit;
  7. To promote a common ethos with shared values and to reinforce positive attitudes;
  8. To provide time for stillness, quiet reflection and prayer;
  9. To celebrate achievements;
  10. To teach children the purpose and nature of worship and provide a foundation for the future.

Read more in our Collective Worship Policy Document

Join Rev Gaenor for a short family friendly service

There’s usually a little singing, it’s casual and low key and a chance for kids to mingle.  

Class Reflection Corners

Each class has a reflection corner and a school value that they’ve adopted.  The area is a space where children can look at the bible, write a prayer or use a worry box to share any concerns they may have. 

Community Links

Our links with the community are strong and the pandemic has highlighted the need to keep the bonds between school and the village as strong as possible. 

With Rev Gaenor’s help the letters (left) have been distributed to those in the village who have been isolating during this difficult time.  Our school Christian values of helping the needy and following Jesus’ example are valuable lessons for the children.

Meet our Young Worship Ambassadors