Universal Free School Meals

From September 2014, the Government introduced Universal Free School Meals for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The school will provide a school meal every day for the children in these years so there is no need to provide a packed lunch.

Children in Year 3 and above may be also entitled to receive Free School Meals if parents are in receipt of financial support, please contact the ‘Dorset for You’ website for full details: www.dorsetforyou.com/free-school-meals or phone 01305 221000 (Dorset Schools).  

School Meals

Meals are provided by Dorset Meal Selector.  A sample menu can be found below.  Children have a choice and parents have access to the menu online for the weeks ahead so they can be involved in what their child eats.

Alternatively you are welcome to provide a healthy packed lunch for your child. Recommendations on what to include in your lunch box can be found by following this link – ‘Healthier Lunchbox Ideas‘. 

How to Order

First you will need to register with Dorset Meal Selector, this is straight forward, a how to guide can be located here – How to Register

Important information on allergens


Milk is free up until children are 5 and is subsidised for all other children in primary education.

Milk is excellent as a mid-morning drink. It provides a nutritional boost and keeps children hydrated between breakfast and lunch, helping them to concentrate and learn.

Our milk is provided by Cool Milk

By clicking on the link parents can register and arrange regular payments should you wish your child to have access to milk at school, it should be stressed this is not compulsory.