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PE4IT What’s it all About?


Our school is in need of Information Technology (IT) equipment!

We are raising funds for this resource through our physical endeavours with 24 sports in 24 hours.  We’d like you all to join us.

In today’s classrooms there needs to be an abundance of digital and networked technologies in place.  St Greg’s has been for many years using interactive whiteboards, now we need to expand that further.  But why?

Information technology allows our children to explore, engage, problem solve and make exciting discoveries for themselves.  It stimulates collaboration and interaction amongst their peers and with their teachers.

IT takes the learning experience beyond the four walls of the classroom.  The Covid pandemic taught us that we can continue to learn away from our classrooms at home with the help of IT.

With the correct equipment we can raise standards across the curriculum, we can improve the delivery of lessons and allow the children to engage in different ways.  Education in St Greg’s is bespoke, each child has different needs and IT helps staff to deliver for each and every child. 

Please Join us on our journey and help us raise the £4,000 we need to fund information technology in our school.

If you are interested in taking part then we welcome everyone to join the fun, simply pop along to any of the events.  All we ask is you make a contribution to our fundraising, no matter how small it all helps and if you’d like to raise sponsorship yourself we’d be delighted. 

Sponsorship forms can be downloaded by clicking here

How to Donate?


Simple!  Just click on the logo

Join us for the Marnhull Stores 24hr Rowing Challenge.

We will be trying to row as far as possible in 24hrs.  We are aiming for to row the English Channel

Thanks to Tom and Marnhull Stores for supporting the school.

Join us for the Trailblaze IT Trailblazer Challenge.

We will be trying to run around our school running track as many times as possible in 24hrs.  We are aiming for 666 laps which is 100 miles!!

Thanks to our IT supplier for their generous sponsorship.