COVID Lockdown Remote Learning 06/01/21

Mrs Field has met with all teachers and along with guidance from the Government it is the expectation that Primary aged children will have up to 3 hours learning per day set by teachers, to that end we have put the following in place:
  1. An Email from your child’s teacher should now be received, if not please do contact the school
  2. The Email should contain remote learning details for the next few days
  3. By 4pm on Friday 08/01/21 parents and carers will receive login details for children to access Microsoft Teams / learning packs for next week / timetable / details of any pre recorded learning by staff and online accessible websites
  4. Children’s efforts and learning will be acknowledged once a week
  5. Phone calls will be made to all families from teachers once a fortnight. Additional calls can be requested.
  6. Mrs Field will be keeping you regularly updated with any important information
  7. Wellbeing newsletters will be sent home with some relaxing, fun ideas whilst at home with your children
  8. Should you have any enquiries from your teachers please bear in mind they are still teaching our vulnerable and keyworker children on site, rest assured they will get back to you in due course.
The office will be open Monday – Wednesday for phone calls. If you need to speak with Mrs or contact her for any reason – please do so: Best Wishes

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