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Forest School

Forest School Develops:

Empathy for others and nature

Builds confidence and independence

Physical fitness

Improved mental health

Good social communication skills


Learning through experience

A positive mental attitude, self-esteem and confidence

Zoe Bell is our Forest School Teacher –

She is passionate about outdoor learning, read more here:

A love of the outdoors has been with me since I was a young child. My days would be filled looking for insects and climbing trees. 

The young girl still influences me as an adult, my passion for nature leading me to complete a biology degree.  This empowered an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the world we live in.  I am now a qualified science teacher and have worked with children of all ages from nursery right through to post-secondary school.   Most recently I completed my Forest school training in 2017.

I have two daughters at St Greg’s, as of 2020 in years 3 and 6.  Being a parent has allowed a different perspective – I have observed how my own children are without fail, happier and more enthusiastic when they have been able to run and enjoy their beautiful surroundings.

Over lockdown, with more time available, outdoor learning opportunities became more accessible.  Together we produced some beautiful work, from making our own forest school hammers to creating outdoor inspired poetry.  It is a time we will never forget.

Judging by social media this year, we were not the only family making use of the natural world around us.  The many pictures of happy smiling faces, of families learning outside of the home has further fuelled my passion for providing quality outdoor learning.  

I believe each area of the curriculum can be informed outdoors, often without the children realising.  I love seeing the children grow and develop over time, hearing their unlimited enthusiasm inspires me with every session. Every child can thrive and can work to their own strengths. 

Since teaching science, I have always felt that children I have worked with were happier, and more enthusiastic when they were able to take their learning outdoors.  Forest school is me again as a young child, it is something I want each child at St Greg’s to have access to, to inspire, to engage, to learn.