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At St Gregory’s we have high expectations and aspirations for all our children, whatever their ability or need. It is important to us that our children feel valued as part of the school and wider community. Through appropriate provision we respect that children:

  • Have different educational, social, emotional and physical needs
  • Require different approaches to learning to succeed

At St Gregory’s we provide support to our children through the four areas of need laid out in the SEN Code of Practice 2014:

  • Communication and Interaction (eg. speech and language, ASD)
  • Cognition and Learning (Moderate and specific learning difficulties – eg. dyslexia / dyspraxia)
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health (eg. ADHD, Attachment disorder)
  • Sensory, Medical and Physical needs (eg. Hearing / vision / sensory impairment)
Miss Clack is our school SENCO and is always available to discuss your child’s needs and what St Gregory’s can do to support them. please feel free to contact her via the school office.
Please open the links below to see what we offer our children with SEN.

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