Your PTFA is here to help both you and your children throughout your time at St Gregory’s to that end we endeavour to do the following:

  • Be available to support parents.
  • Fund raise to supplement the restricted school budget
  • Organise fun events throughout the year (Keep an eye out for out Curry and Quiz Night, Movie Nights, M12K Fun Races and Summer event’s, we really do have a busy and diverse year.

If you are interested in getting more involved with the PTFA please take a look at the questionnaire and let us know how you’d like to help.

Elly Ridout is our parent liaison, learn more about her and her role opposite

Parent View

An opportunity to share your view and that of your child(ren) along with other parents and Mrs Williams

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Thanks to everyone that has made this incredible years fundraising possible.

An incredible sum of money was raised at our Jubilee Quiz.  Thanks to everyone involved in making it a wonderful evening.

The Ploughman’s supper was hailed as our best yet:

The school pool is managed and maintained by the PTFA.  Without the time and effort of parents our children would not enjoy this benefit.

Learning to swim is a crucial life skill that all children must attain before leaving primary school.  Having the pool operational allows for our children to learn whilst in familiar surroundings with friends and trusted staff.

See a video of our pool by clicking on the link:

The dust has settled since the M12k and following some reflection I thought it a good time before we break for Easter to acknowledge what a fabulous group of parents, WE all are.
The goodwill and fellowship in staging the event has been widespread, not least from the whole parent body, WE really did stage a terrific event that not just St Greg’s but the whole of the village can be proud of.
The feedback from runners has been universally positive and that is in no small part to the happy faces, happy children and the great feel of the school on Sunday. The event serves not only to fund the school but also to advertise what a great place it is to prospective parents. More children at the school creates greater funding which in turn gives staff the money to improve our children’s learning experiences and outcomes.
Teamwork makes the dream work folks, it really does.

What’s To be Done – The PTFA’s Core Aims


The obvious and most indisputable reason for the PTFA’s existence is to be able to give money to Mrs. Williams to spend as she see’s fit.  We will endeavour to meet all her requests be it through selling a hot chocolate or a raffle ticket to larger events such as the M12k.  Each person be they a parent, teacher or friend of the school can help in this endeavour, more on that a little further down…….

Grow the Committee

The committee as it stands is made up of ten parents, most of which have served for several years.  We always welcome new people, we value anyone that wants to help and that can be as little or as much as YOU want.  All parents and teachers are of course members of the PTFA, being on the committee means you have more of say on what goes on.

Benefit Parents

Parents meeting one another is something we hope for more of in the next year.  Events are an obvious place for this as are after school cake sales and the like.  We often need volunteers and if you would like to dip your toe in the water and help now and then please let a committee member know or email:


Ask anyone that has helped; there is always banter and a goodwill that benefits both the volunteer and the school.  It’s a chance outside of the daily school run that can be a rushed affair to catch up on chit-chat, compare notes and much more besides.

Retain & further grow ties with the local community

Village life is of course wonderful, that’s why we’ve all settled where we have.  A large part of that appeal is the community feel, never has this been better illustrated than during the pandemic.  The school is and always has been at the centre of any community, it is the hope of the PTFA to make the bonds deeper by hosting events that all members of the community can enjoy.  The school relies on so much goodwill from all quarters, and we’d love to give a bit back, allowing the community to enjoy all that St Greg’s school creates.

Support Staff

We are very proud of our staff; they offer a great fusion of energy and experience giving our children the best start in their education.  The ties between primary school staff and parents are so much stronger than in secondary education.  Staff need our support and the PTFA is there to do just that, each class has unique needs, and we can help deliver on those needs.

Finally, and imperatively we appeal to you the parents’ and in many ways the customers, please DO buy that ice cream or that hot chocolate after school, DO please donate a box of chocolates for a raffle, DO please attend some of our events as you are the VIP’s in helping to fund the crucial purchases that the PTFA enable. 

Without your charitableness the children will go without.

You will find details of who’s who on the committee on this page where you can also keep up to date with historic minutes as well as information on upcoming events.

Committee Members

All parents are members of the PTFA but if you’d like to take a more active role please speak to any of the committee members or email:

We have a committee you’d be most welcome to join, we also enjoy the support of other volunteers with less formal roles, familiarise yourself with our current committee below.

If you have any questions they’ll be happy to help, most of them have been involved with St Greg’s for a number of years.


Zara Risley

Committee Member

Dan Warren

Committee Member

Laurie Shea

Committee Member

Elly Ridout

Parent Liaison

Olivia Palmer-Smyth

Committee Member

Rachel Oxford

Committee Member

A Message from the Head


With the very limited budgets that schools are working with at present I know as head without the incredible support of the PTFA the children of St Gregory’s would not have access to some of the amazing resources we have: our interactive whiteboards are used daily in every class, offering children the opportunities for an enriched learning experience, they also make differentiated learning much easier because teachers are able to accommodate different learning styles. The amazing Cornerstones curriculum package purchased by PTFA gives all our children an exciting, stimulating curriculum through interesting and fun themes. The swimming pool, solely PTFA funded allows the children to gain vital life skills…. the list goes on….

I cannot thank our PTFA enough for their hard work and commitment to ensuring the needs of our children are always a priority and fully support all they do. I look forward to working with all parents and PTFA committee members this year.

Marnhull Messenger


Each month the school submits an account of the school’s events to help keep the local community informed, past editions can be located here:

If you’d like to contribute anything please do get in touch with Barry Shea, Email


Visit our facebook page for all sorts of useful information.