The Ladies of St Greg’s have raised £7,514

Thank you to all of our supporters.

Bike4Books What’s it all About:


Our school is in need of books!

Reading for ALL of our children is such a high priority that the ladies of St Greg’s have spun into action and resolved to spin from Marnhull to Rome, a whopping 2000 miles in just 24Hrs.

Parents, governors, staff and friends of St Greg’s are seeking your help in funding a defined series of high quality, inspiring and aspirational texts to engage our boys and girls across all ages.

Join us all along with our school guinea pigs; Cookie and Cream and follow us on our journey.

The way in which children are taught to read is a priority for school inspectors, under the new educational inspection framework, St Greg’s will undergo a mandatory reading deep dive or in-depth examination of our reading. To fulfil this we need to invest in our books

Please Join us and Cookie and Cream (our school guinea pigs) on our journey and help us raise the £4,000 we need to fund this most crucial element of our children’s education.

Bike4Books Is Proudly Sponsored by

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