Good attendance and punctuality are vitally important if your child is to make the most of the educational opportunities we offer.  If he/she is unwell and cannot come to school, please telephone the school before 8.30am and leave a message. Please let us know for each day they are absent. 

If we have not heard from you we will send a text message at 09:30

We also need a note or email when they return to school to let us know in writing why they were off, this is to comply with legislation which is monitored by our Education Welfare Officer.

Should you wish for your child(ren) to be collected by someone other than the nominated person/s (as noted in your starter form),  please contact the school office in good time.  

Parents are reminded not to book family holidays, long weekends away or treat days during term time as we will not authorise absence for these under any circumstance. 

We will only ever authorise absence for a funeral or an educational activity, e.g. participating in a sporting event, performance, taking music or dance exams, or other exceptional circumstances.

If you have a planned absence from school please contact the office to seek authorisation.  We will also require an absence request form to be completed.

Mrs Field monitors absence and will issue a letter to parents of any child whose attendance is poor.  Attendance is also monitored by the school Governors and poor attendance is discussed at full Governors meetings.

Did you know that of 365 days in a year, 190 days are school days and 175 are non-school days—that is nearly half of the entire number of days in the year!

As a school we expect parents to use these 175 days for your family time, and for activities such as shopping, appointments, day trips and family holidays. 

While we appreciate it’s not always possible to take appointments on non-school days, we do ask that these are kept to a minimum.

The Gillingham Area School Partnership (GASP) has put together some advice for parents and carers. 

Email the Office

Telephone the Office